About U Pull R Parts

A $2.00 per person cash admission fee will be charged to enter the yard. Prices for parts are listed in the shop and available online. This ensures that you know what the cost will be before you grab your tool and yank our parts. Click here for a price list.
You can’t touch our junk ’til you show us your tools. At U-Pull R-Parts, you need to bring your own tools and tool box inspection is mandatory. However, we do supply wheelbarrows and engine chain hoists at no charge. Click here for additional rules and policies.
Vehicle Preparation
We’re committed to being an eco-friendly auto parts recycler. That’s why all the gas, oil, antifreeze, batteries, freon and fluids are removed before vehicles enter our yard. This ensures that nothing ever seeps into the ground.
We Buy Cars
U-Pull R-Parts purchases vehicles from many sources, including donation centers, salvage auctions, insurance companies, towing companies and private parties. For information about selling us your vehicle, click here.
120 tons
45 days

Saving The Environment One Part At A Time.

How U Pull R Parts Works
Rules & Policies
You know who doesn’t live here? Your Mom. Please do not leave children unattended for any reason. In fact, persons under the age 16 are not allowed in the yard anyway. Remember, if they can’t drive a car, they can’t be in the yard.
We insist you leave your four-legged friends at home. Pets are strictly forbidden in the yard. Glass, metal, small loose parts — there are just too many opportunities for Fluffy to get hurt.
Automobile Jacks
We hear ya, it’s pretty easy to get jacked up about yanking parts, but here a jack is one of the tools you don’t need to put your hands on. All our vehicles are on wheel stands so you can access the underside of the vehicle. Jacks are not needed and are forbidden.
Closing Time
You must arrive 30 minutes prior to close for entrance into the yard — we have lives too ya know.
Tool Box Inspection
You can’t touch our junk ’til you show us your tools. Tool box inspection is mandatory.
We ACCEPT cash and credit or debit cards for purchases – NO checks — what is it the 1980s?
Safety Policy
Anyone failing to adhere to our safety policies while yanking parts will be yanked from the yard… or nicely asked to leave.
We didn’t start the fire and you’re sure as hell not going to either. Obviously torches are a fire hazard, so obviously, torches not allowed in the yard.
Sandals and Open-Toed Footwear
We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, well organized yard, but let’s face it, at the end of the day it’s still a junkyard. With that being said, please make sure you are wearing suitable footwear at all times.
Drugs and Alcohol
No one should yank parts under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some of you who read way too far into our messaging may feel like that would be fun — you are wrong. Working on vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is NOT safe. U-Pull R-Parts reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who in our judgement is under the influence.
No Breaking Parts
If it ain’t broke, don’t break it! Leave some junk in the trunk for the next guy.
Return Policy
We don’t take returns and we sure as heck can’t guarantee used parts. But we do understand you don’t always know what you need for a repair. So we’ll meet your halfway with our NotSoSureAntee. Click here to learn more.
Bringing Parts With
Any parts you bring with you for reference must be marked by a U Pull R Parts employee.
Theft or Vandalism
U-Steal R-Parts? We-Pull U-2-Court. We will prosecute all theft or vandalism to the fullest extent of the law.