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U Pull R Parts will properly recycle your end of life vehicle.  Your vehicle will become parts to keep other vehicles on the road.  We are environmentally conscious and will give you a fair price for your vehicle.

Give Us the Details

Fill out the form below and tell us what you can about your auto. Remember, we buy all cars no matter what the condition – so be honest. But, we need to know whether you’re bringing it to us or if we have to tow it.

Accept Our Offer

Once you accept our offer for your car, we’ll start talking about getting the auto to one of our lots along with making sure we have a clear title on the vehicle. Don’t worry, usually everything happens in just a couple hours.

Pay You Today

Everyone likes getting paid on the spot for their junk cars. So after you accept our offer we’ll pay up as promised! You can get cash on the spot or we can send you a check if you do not want to come to our office.  We will make it easy and you will know you’ve sent your vehicle off to a better place where it will be appreciated. Thats Carma.


What Does U Pull R Parts Do With The Junk Cars?

Many vehicles eventually arrive at our facility, where our customers carefully dismantle them to source the parts needed to keep other vehicles running smoothly. These quality parts find new homes, whether for personal, friends’, or neighbors’ vehicles. Think of your vehicle being a parts donor, to save another vehicle! After all the good parts are gone, and the vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, it’s processed and sold as scrap to a metal reclamation facility, where different metals are separated and recycled responsibly.

At U Pull R Parts, we’re serious about being eco-friendly. Before any end-of-life vehicle or junk car goes to our lot, we remove all its fluids so they don’t leak into the ground, and then we reuse them. We use the gas to run our equipment, and we heat our buildings with the recycled oil. We’re proud of our auto recycling process and how it helps the environment. Mechanics who pull used parts instead of buying new ones are the real heroes. Reusing parts from junk cars is much better for the environment than buying new. And if you’re worried about using used parts, remember: the moment you drive your car off the lot, it’s full of used parts anyway! So, if you have an old or end-of-life vehicle, consider selling it to us for cash. Pulling your own parts is better for the planet and can be a fun job to do yourself.